Gitlow vs. New York

By Lana Leonard The Background & Socialism Before Benjamin Gitlow was arrested for dispersing 16,000 copies of the Left Wing Manifesto in 1919 he was blacklisted from the Merchants’ Association, for which he was a union member (Simkin, 1997). Soon after, in 1909, an 18-year-old Gitlow joined the Socialist Party of America and supported theContinue reading “Gitlow vs. New York”

A 2020 Political Analysis: What Comes Next?

The afternoon was looming crisp under the noon sun. The once golden leaves pouring from the tree limbs pile on the ground and through the phone transgender, Nigerian, activist, musician and psychology student of Brookdale Community College, Gillian Omotoso, clears her throat.  “I’ve been thinking a lot about this,” about what happens next, says theContinue reading “A 2020 Political Analysis: What Comes Next?”